Flu Shot Vaccine in Penrith

Stop the spread and protect yourself from the woe of influenza. Get yourself vaccinated from the Medical & Fitness Centre and have flu shot vaccine in Sydney.

What is Influenza?

It is a viral infection that affects your respiratory system, including your nose, throat, and lungs. The flu is another name for influenza. It can cause moderate to severe disease and, in very extreme cases, death. The most promising approach to avoiding flu is to obtain a flu vaccine every year. Medical & Fitness Centre offers free* flu shots in Sydney every year (*ask your GP for free criteria). Our expert staff and flu vaccine GP efficiently deal with communities of every age group, including children and seniors. 

Symptoms of the Flu

Primarily, the flu exhibits the symptoms of a regular cold such as runny nose, sneezing, and sore throat. However, the flu is different from the cold.

Colds usually progress slowly, but the flu frequently appears abruptly. Moreover, the symptoms of the flu are much worse than cold. People who have the flu usually experience any or all of the following symptoms:

Some people may have nausea and diarrhea, which is more prevalent in children than adults. However, it is noteworthy that fever is not vital to flu. Now, you can avoid catching any of these symptoms because the Flu shot vaccine in Sydney is offering you a promising immunisation against seasonal influenza.

When to see a doctor if you have flu?

Stop the spread and protect yourself from the woe of influenza. Get yourself vaccinated from the Medical & Fitness Centre and have free flu shot vaccine in Penrith.

Children's emergency
symptoms may include:

What are the Causes of Flu and How Does it Spread?

The virus spreads through the air droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. You can either directly inhale the droplets or take up the flu germs by touching an object with the virus infected droplets. People affected with the virus are likely infected one day before symptoms show, up to five days after they develop. Children and others with weak immune systems may remain infectious for a somewhat more extended time.

Furthermore, antibodies against previous influenza viruses may not protect you from new strains due to continuous viral evolution. Therefore, the flu shot vaccine in Penrith proves to be highly effective in preventing the illness and its complications. Hence, our Penrith GP Healthcare Centre has been serving the community for years towards its goal to vaccinate people against seasonal flu attacks.

Why Get a Flu Vaccine?

Due to the rapidly evolving flu viruses, the previous year’s vaccination may not protect you this year from the viruses. In addition, every flu vaccine’s effectiveness varies from year to year because the virus is evolving. Therefore, the level of protection by a flu vaccination differs from season to season and is influenced by the age and health of the individual receiving the vaccine. Therefore, new flu shot vaccines are introduced each year to keep from the new flu viruses.

When you receive a vaccination, your immune system generates antibodies, ready to combat the disease-causing agents and keeps from spreading or developing the disease. Importantly, antibody levels may decrease with time, which makes another viable reason to receive yearly shots of flu vaccination for the development of memory cells and prolonged immunity from the disease.

Who Should Receive the Flu Shot?

Everyone aging from 6 months and older fall in the criteria of the flu vaccine eligibility in Penrith. Vaccination is particularly crucial for persons who are at high risk of viral complications, such as:

Children from 6 months to 8 years should get two doses of flu vaccination, with the gap of at least four weeks for the first time. Kids having one or more doses of regular flu shots or aging 9 years or more will need only one yearly dosage of flu vaccination. Flu vaccine for pregnant and flu vaccine for children is strictly advisable to cope with seasonal allergic reactions.  The Medical & Fitness Centre offers free flu vaccines not only for everyone including children, adults, seniors from 65 years of age and even older people at home.

What are flu vaccine side effects?
Irritation, redness, inflammation or swelling where the injection was given, headache (low grade), temperature, nausea, muscular pains, and weariness are all common adverse effects of a flu vaccine. In addition, like other injections, the flu vaccine can infrequently induce fainting.
Get Your Family, and Yourself Vaccinated!
To battle this year’s expected severe influenza season, the Medical & Fitness Centre invites Penrith residents to roll up their sleeves and obtain a flu vaccination. You may arrange your flu shot right now by visiting our contact page. Then, you may come for a check-up once your flu vaccination appointment has been confirmed. We ensure that everyone in your family gets protected over six months before the winter flu season, as experts predict a terrible influenza season.
Flu Vaccine to local business and schools.
Medical & Fitness Centre can also visit local business and organisations to administer the flu vaccines. We know flu vaccines help in preventing people getting flu related illness therefore, helping businesses and organisations against the negative impact of flu in the workplace. Benefits include reducing flu in the workplace and reducing days off due to illness, improving workplace productivity and employee morale.

We also have flu vaccine vouchers that can be purchased by companies for their staff to get their flu vaccine when they visit the practice.

Please email skhan@medicalfitness.com.au for more information.