Circumcision in Penrith

Circumcision is performed to remove the foreskin of the penis. The foreskin is the continuation of the skin that covers the whole penis. The retractable thin layer of the skin covers the end of the penis. Medical and Fitness Centre hosts some of the most experienced doctors performing circumcisions with safe and excellent care.

Foreskin in uncircumcised males – It’s normal for the foreskin of baby boys to not pull back (retract) for the first few years of their lives.

In some boys, it takes even longer for the foreskin to separate, and it does not indicate any problem; the foreskin will simply detach at a later stage. However, as the foreskin starts to separate, you might notice the foreskin “ballooning out” whenever your son passes urine. Occasionally it can lead to infection of the foreskin, but it usually settles down with time. You should never try to force your son’s foreskin back as it may be painful and damage the foreskin. Nonetheless, uncircumcised males must maintain good genital hygiene to prevent possible infections.

Circumcision Procedure at Medical and Fitness Centre Penrith

Circumcision is relatively a straightforward procedure. Not including the consultation the whole procedure takes about 30 minutes in babies and approximately 60 minutes in adults.

Doctors working at our circumcision clinic perform the ring method as well as the surgical method. The ring method also known as the PlastiBell technique, is performed in newborns. Circumcision healing takes up to 2-3 weeks in newborns and about 6 weeks in adults. Feel free to contact us for more information about circumcision in Penrith.

Medical reasons for getting a circumcision 

Sometimes, circumcision is considered a possible treatment option for the following conditions;

Highly experienced and dedicated GPs are working to provide you with this service. Book in with Dr Khan, Dr Valentin or Dr Biswas by calling Penrith Medical and Fitness Centre.  

Circumcision benefits

Many studies show that the health benefits of circumcision surgery throughout one’s life outweigh the minor risks of the procedure.  

Penrith Medical and Fitness Centre offers safe circumcision

Experienced GPs at Medical and Fitness Centre Penrith perform circumcision on newborns, children over 12 years of age and adults. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent individual care and ensure that your experience with us is easy and relaxed as possible.

Call us anytime for more information and tailored advice about circumcision in adults as well as for circumcision for kids and newborns.