Infallible Skin Cancer Check in Penrith at Medical & Fitness Centre

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare indicates skin cancer is one of Australia’s major causes of illnesses. Each year Australia has the highest rates of people who have skin cancer. The Australian Government mentions in Melanoma of the skin statistics, 2022 that every person in Australia is at risk of skin cancer at 5.7%. Hence, doctors at Penrith Medical and Fitness Centre are offering skin cancer checks serving as a reliable skin cancer clinic.

What is Skin Cancer?

It is the uncontrolled growth of skin cells. Mainly it occurs on the body parts that are overly exposed to sunlight, such as the scalp, face, lips, ears, ears or neck. Notably, skin cell carcinoma can also occur on the body areas that are not exposed to the skin (palms of the hand and foot, beneath the toenails or fingernails etc.). Skin cell carcinoma classifies into three main categories such as: 

Other than these categories, there may be non-melanoma skin cancer, and the less common skin cancers include;

Signs and Symptoms

While residing in such a high-risk region, a skin cancer check is an important check up to happen on a regular basis. Every kind of skin cancer exhibits its specific symptoms. However, the most common changes that you may observe include; 

Causes and Risk Factors 

Anyone can get skin cancer. However, there are some risk factors that may be playing their role, such as;

Furthermore, the research studies indicate that one of the major causes of such high-range statistics for skin cancer in Australia is its proximity to the equator (high levels of UV radiation) and its climate. Some of the other causes mentioned by the Cancer Council Australia include sunburn, tanning, and solariums. 

Notably, if the person does not have any of the risks mentioned earlier factors, restricting exposure to UV rays mitigates the risk of skin cancer. Therefore we encourage sun protection as an everyday habit to avoid sunburn, lowering the risk of skin cancer. 

Skin Cancer Screening 

The earlier the carcinoma is detected, the better our chances of successful treatment, avoiding surgery and significant deformation. Hence, Penrith Medical and Fitness Centre offers you a skin cancer check at the facility. Scheduling regular screening at our skin cancer check clinic, you can have a great chance to circumvent the disease even before the symptoms appear. 

GP Teams who conduct a thorough physical examination for moles, birthmarks, or any other marks on the skin that may be unusual in shape, size, colour, and texture. 

During the examination, the skin cancer GP looks for any changes in the existing moles and skin lesions. Minor changes can be easily detected, distinguishing the suspicious moles from benign skin lesions. Detection of even minor changes in the skin or these marks leads to early diagnosis of malign skin carcinoma and evaluates the risk of developing skin tumours. During the regular screening appointments at the skin cancer clinic Penrith, even minor changes are easily detected because we try to avoid unnecessary excisions. 

What else does skin cancer check in Penrith Sydney offer?

As the Cancer Council Australia recommended, access to the skin cancer check clinic in Sydney offers regular screening for skin cancer. Not only do we conduct a skin examination, but we also perform biopsies (extracting a small sample of tissue from the suspicious lesion skin spots for examining it under the microscope). 

Furthermore, along with the skin cancer check, access to the expert skin cancer GP can also facilitate you with minor procedures for skin cancer removal that abides by the standard rules of hygiene.