MBBS, USMLE, FRACGP, Dip Vasectomy

Dr Biswas has over 14 years of surgical training experience. Currently working as a General Practitioner (FRACGP) and in Emergency Medicine at our  Medical centre. Dr Biswas has extensive experience in General Surgery and Procedural medicine. 

Special Interests: 

Dr Biswas has special interest in surgical procedures. Dr Biswas is qualified to perform no scalpel vasectomies. He performs male infant circumcisions (0-6months) and Adult Circumcision ages 16+ in our Penrith Clinic. 

Qualifications: MBBS, USMLE, FRACGP, Dip Vasectomy (Non Scalpel)

Languages other than English: Hindi, Urdu, Bengali

Availability: Monday – Saturday: 7:00am – 10:30am