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In the Parramatta Sydney area, we deliver a safe and competent Vasectomy.

At our Parramatta Vasectomy Clinic, our highly skilled doctors now conduct both scalpel and non-scalpel vasectomy procedures.

For men, a vasectomy is a type of birth control that is permanent. Each testicle’s Vas deferens is separated and sealed in this technique to prevent sperm from reaching the sperm. After this operation, the majority of men will perceive no difference in the volume of their ejaculate. When compared to other permanent birth control alternatives for women, such as tubal ligation, this treatment has nearly a 99 percent success rate and is deemed more helpful and cost effective.


  • Reliable birth control: – If the couple have decided that they no longer want children, this is the surest and safest option for birth control.
  • No need for General anaesthesia: This procedure is done with a simple local anaesthetic; therefore it’s a quick procedure with quick recovery time.
  • Low health risks: As it is a less invasive surgery, it means the risks of bleeding and infection is also significantly decreased. 
  • Lower cost than all other forms of permanent birth control

The whole procedure costs around $700. You will also get a medicare rebate. 

  • It’s a One-time Cost: –  As vasectomy is a permanent choice of birth control, so it is only a one time cost, unlike pills and other forms of birth control where the cost is an ongoing one. 
  • Procedure is done at the Medical Centre rather than In an operating room: This signifies the simplicity of the procedure as well as helps the patient feel more comfortable.  



Is the vasectomy permanent?

Yes, the vasectomy is form of permanent birth control. If you think you might want to have children in the future this procedure is not for you. 

How long does the procedure take?

It will take less than 30mins. 

Will I be awake during the procedure?

Yes, you will not need general anaesthetic for this procedure?

Is it painful?

No, our doctors use a very effective local anaesthetic before the procedure begins. 

Can I drive after the procedure?

Yes you can drive home. 

When can I return to normal duties?

This will vary from person to person. You will need to stay away from heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks after the procedure. If your work is in the office and does not involve anything strenuous you can return to work the next day. 

Sports like riding a bike and contact sports should be avoided for at least 3 weeks after the procedure. 

Will I still be able to ejaculate?

Yes, most men will not notice any change in the volume of their ejaculate. 

You can now book for Vasectomy with your next consultation with our doctors, who will provide you with full information and counselling before the procedure so you can make an informed decision. 

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