Flu Vaccine Sydney

Do you want the flu vaccine in Sydney? We offer full immunisation with our flu (influenza) vaccine.

What is influenza? 

This is caused by a common virus that can infect your nose, throat and in other cases, your lungs. The virus does spread easily through coughing, sneezing and close contact to others.

What are the symptoms?

Influenza symptoms include;

  • fever
  • headache
  • tiredness
  • muscle aches.

Please note, these can start suddenly and can even last for a week or more.

If you are elderly, you could possibly experience confusion. Also, children may get irritable, or get an upset stomach.

Influenza may occasionally cause severe complications such as pneumonia and can even have an impact on current conditions which leads to hospitalisation and even death.

Does the common flu shot work?

You may not know that the influenza virus is constantly changing. Therefore, the influenza vaccine changes too. The best to protect yourself from influenza is to get vaccinated every year from our Sydney GP health centre.

As of this year (2020), it’s important for anyone over the age of 6 months to get vaccinated.

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